way up thereI recently played around with some effects on a photo taken in Chicago in 2006 and the result inspired a few words on the simply. blog, which divulge a little something about me. I’ve added the pic to the images section.

I read something earlier this month that I definitely need to share here:
Intro to the Web Revival #1: What is the Web Revival? - most inspiring!

Web Revival is the perfect name for what’s been happening recently on the personal web. Melon lists some of the ideals shared by enthusiasts of this revival and then goes on to say:

These ideals are expressed by creating websites, homepages, zines, forums, podcasts and more! The goal is simply to find what was best about the early web, find whats best about new technology, mix the two; kick all the Mark Zuckerberg's and Elon Musk's to the curb and get on with living our best lives.

Go explore the web y’all!

Added some new images. One is a picture of yours truly taken on South Beach in 1972 and the other 4 range in date from 2005 to 2010 - needless to say, some of my faves.

Just finished adding scattered soul: daily free-form thoughts from 9/06/1998 thru 12/10/1998.

I like this minimal presentation much better than the original site. I hope you enjoy it.