Back in May I added an old favorite to images, which I wrote about yesterday over at i.webthings. In a nutshell, the image was greatly improved, using a super cool online tool I found earlier in the week. That's why you see a ‘Palette’ button in the thanks section on the main page.

And speaking of the thanks section, please let know if you’re linking to bulltown so I can add your button too. Cheers!

analog bits, 1992

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inspiration shine bright say thanks if it applies or at least say something the new social media is people talking from home not the noise chambers of web2 its real here in the revival jump onboard as the webstream speaks

I’ve been building a button wall (love those 88x31s). I’d love you to link to bulltown from your own page - if you do, please be sure to let me know so I can thank you on the main page. Carry on…