just call me joe...

…or, if you like, you can call me Sir Zmellslike Muskalot and I’ll be leaving twitter soon. 🐦

cool things encountered ‘along the Ray’

I have to admit being somewhat intrigued by this beautifully odd reflection of the sky posted a few days ago.

And while I’m fessing up here, something Ray wrote back in August touched me a bit to the point of happy tears welling up in my eyes. Damn Ray - your creative outbursts are downright enjoyable! Do carry on please.

Back in May I added an old favorite to images, which I wrote about yesterday over at i.webthings. In a nutshell, the image was greatly improved, using a super cool online tool I found earlier in the week. That's why you see a ‘Palette’ button in the thanks section on the main page.

And speaking of the thanks section, please let know if you’re linking to bulltown so I can add your button too. Cheers!